Death is at non-stop work. According to the world death clock, it claims 106 lives per minute, 6,400 lives per hour, 153,000 per day and 56,000,000 per year. This steady pace of individuals passing on seems to have escalated to a faster pace in the brink of the COVID-19 pandemic. Suffice to say, despite its despite its unprecedented and aggressive nature, this isn’t the deadliest virus ever known to man. One that is capable, not only of killing, but inciting a unique brand of suffering that upends the lives of many.

    We are self-limited individuals and being subjected in dire times like this makes our options even more limited. Given these restrictions, simple maneuvers of hand washing and social distancing are life saving measures that can be practiced even by those unoriented to the medical field. In addition, plans to combat this threat is also needed in the community set-up. 

   For Motibot, the inception of a covid response system is in the works. This, in coordination with BERT members, will stand as the barangay’s defensive wall for possibilities of infection. Secondly, education is a cornerstone for BERT members as well as community members. In correspondence to social distancing measures, these participants shall be educated on the disease process, signs and symptoms, management as well as  preventive measures. Lastly, contact tracing methods should also be in place to mark and track territories with possible cases. 

    The universe’s axis will make a turn for the better. What may seem as dark and bleak right now may be warm and bright tomorrow. Stay safe and be healthy.


                Last community exposure, we have achieved some of our plans for our community health plans. Thankfully the community people are really coordinating with us and are willing to listen with what we are teaching and continuously supporting our future activities. Our achieved activities are as follows:

a.       Conduction of lecture to community people on  improved toilet, sanitation, and its importance

b.      Conduction of lecture on school-based lecture awareness campaigns and proper handwashing

c.       Coordination with government agencies and NGOs for the acquisition of water-sealed toilet bowls

d.       Identification and creation of master list of water-sealed toilet recipients


We conducted pre test and post test for our lectures and we are pleased to share that our community people have increased scores after our lectures. Students were also participative with our activities as well as the teachers in the elementary school. Also, with the help of our barangay health workers and barangay officers, we were able to achieve the our desired planned for the last exposure. With their help, we were also able to plan out our future activities for the barangay such as the acquisition of additional water-sealed toilet bowls, formulation of barangay ordinance on mandatory toilet facility and penalization of violators, Identification of committee to oversee annual monitoring and to report violators of the ordinance.


                Currently, due to the pandemic, we have prepared activities that will be accordance with the “New normal” and the safety guidelines and protocols of COVID-19. We were planning to re conduct the lectures for handwashing and proper sanitation to the community people, with proper social distancing, proper protective equipments and with less than 10 people involve in the lecture. We will also take precaution on false information of the COVID-19 and will spread positivity and proper information such as the importance of handwashing to prevent the virus.



With the increasing number of CoVID 19 cases globally, there is a threat in the provision of adequate health care for patients with other medical conditions such as hypertension. Early detection and management is hampered as routine blood pressure check-ups and access to medicine in health centers become more difficult due to the possibly acquiring the disease the moment people step out of their households. Moreover, there is a growing concern regarding the increase vulnerability of hypertensive individuals in getting the infection. In order to mitigate these concerns, there is a need to strengthen lifestyle modification, compliance to medication, and constant monitoring of BP. Community helth plan for the control of hypertension in the context of the new normal includes “ZumBALAY” wherein residents of Motibot are encouraged to do Zumba exercises at home, control salt intake, emphasis on the importance of storing medicines, BP monitoring in health centers with the observance of social distancing and wearing of PPE, and future conduct of lectures on the link between hypertension and COVID-19 and misconceptions.


More than ever, the people of Barangay Motibot needs the Barangay Health Emergency Response Team!

In line with the COVID-19 pandemic, major changes in turns of events have to happen. We may not be able to continue the planned activities for BHERT for the month of July 2020, but still, establishing it is already enough for it to remain operational.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, BHERT has to remain functional to serve its purpose. Members of the core team will be responsible in visiting and monitoring individuals coming from COVID-affected areas and those manifesting the signs of symptoms of COVID-19 like fever, cough, colds, and difficulty of breathing. Monitoring includes checking of temperature and the said signs and symptoms. They will ensure that suspects will undergo 14 days home quarantine and contract tracing will be done If any of the symptoms are observed, BHERT core team will facilitate the transport to a DOH-designated coronavirus-referral center. All these will be under the supervision of the Barangay Captain, thus, reporting will be done.

Also, strict compliance to using of masks, social distancing, staying at home, observing curfew, and proper hygiene will be enforced by the core team

In this trying time, some of our activities may be delayed. But thankfully, with our implementation of BHERT, we will be able to help win the battle against despite our absence. At this time, this pandemic should be given full attention. In time, we will resume and continue the remaining activities of establishing BHERT.


Solid waste management (SWM) is a public health service whose importance is often understated. When the solid waste management challenge is exacerbated by a public health emergency such as the Covid-19 pandemic, its real significance as an essential service becomes more apparent. Waste Management is one of the most important sanitary barriers to prevent dissemination of illnesses and diseases. It is important to recall that the continuity of the waste services is not only for municipal waste but also for hazardous industrial and healthcare waste. Indeed, among the essential services, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, energy sector and incineration produce hazardous waste. The continuity and continued functionality of recycling are also important during and after the Coronavirus crisis passes, especially in light of the above: if households and businesses massively stop with separating recyclables, the overall waste system will be saddled with between 30 and 50% more materials and there is a risk of system failure. As such, the team came up with the plan of modifying the Barangay Motibot waste management system to tailor-fit these difficult times. On top of the list are lectures to be conducted to Material Recovery Facility(MRF)-assigned personnel as part of the education and information dissemination campaign created to educate them about the proper handling of waste during the new normal. Next, provision of personal protective equipments (PPEs) shall be proposed to the barangay council which is to be given to said persons who have one of the highest risk of being infected from different household-contaminated materials. And lastly, disinfection of the MRFs once a month after every collection is proposed as to prevent cross contamination of nearby households and potential air-borne transmission. It is important to recognize the role of waste workers and services as an essential component, especially in this period. The team is very much dedicated in protecting these front liners.


With the current health issues surrounding us today, more and more people are becoming aware and cautious of their health. Barangay Motibot is no different. We felt that this is not only a community health plan against Tuberculosis but also against CoViD-19. Since both disease entities are quite similar in terms of transmission, signs, and symptoms, the current situation and health plan against CoVid-19 becomes an advantage for the prevention of Tuberculosis. This means that social distancing, handwashing, and other precautionary measures done to prevent CoVid-19 is also effective in preventing Tuberculosis in the community. Symptoms such as cough and fever also prompt them to consult because of the pandemic scare. Information dissemination regarding Tuberculosis and its relation to CoVid-19 will also be fast since more people are now dependent on social media as their means of communication and getting news information.


 Although this pandemic has brought us so much crisis and problems, on the bright side, it is good to see that people, even in provincial areas like Sindangan have started to become more health-conscious. This becomes a big step in achieving future health plans because more residents of Motibot will be willing to cooperate and follow health protocols. Indeed, this is the new normal. And the people of Motibot are ready to protect their lungs!