Blood pressure monitoring booklets were distributed to members of hypertension club "Hugpong Kontra Hypertension"  to raise awareness regarding hypertension and the importance of regular BP monitoring.  

Motibot BHWs also posted tarpaulins  for hypertension awareness. Health teaching regarding hypertension were done by Barangay Health Workers (BHWs). 


 Last April 22, 2021, face masks and face shields were turned over to our Barangay Health Workers to ensure their safety as they visit and monitor individuals coming from COVID-affected areas and those manifesting the signs of symptoms of COVID-19. Other members of the BHERT core team, senior citizens, and those in need were also given face masks and face shields. 


Video lecture about Basic Life Support was provided to serve as refresher to the BHERT core team. The video was made by the group using AHA guidelines. The same video was shown to the heads of the households for them to have an idea on how to respond to medical emergencies and perform proper CPR. This health education was conducted by the BHWs of Motibot and they as well administered the pre and post tests. On April 16, 2021, the health teaching materials were sent to Barangay Motibot. All needed materials and equipment were provided by the group.

Also, the core team were given health teaching via infomercial, that we ourselves once again made, regarding the safety measure on how to prevent the spread of the virus to ensure their own safety as they perform their duties and watch out for the health of the people of Motibot. The same video was shown to the heads of household of Motibot as well to strengthen the campaign in fighting COVID-19.  

To strengthen the campaign on emergency response and proper performance of high quality CPR, posters were posted in different landmarks in the Barangay. To further the reach of our campaign against COVID-19 and basic life support, informercials were posted in our facebook page.

Having a functional transport vehicle, which is mainly used for emergency transport purposes and transport of LSIs during this pandemic, the team provided several basic supplies and equipment through the help of our generous sponsors. Supplies and equipment given are splint, bandages, neck brace, alcohol, povidone iodine, and cotton.

Despite our physical absence in Barangay Motibot, activities are still on-going and are continuously being carried-out. This is made possible with the support and hardwork of our Barangay Health Workers and Nurse, as well as the active participation and eagerness of our residents. 




Due to pandemic, our team movements were very limited. However, we need to be innovative to continue our community health plan despite the situation. 

As part of our toilet and sanitation community health plan, we were able to turn over soaps, toothbrush, toothpaste and health teaching materials last April 22, 2021 which was possible through the help of our dear sponsorsPosters for proper handwashing were already posted by our BHW to different handwashing areas in the Barangay.

Our team strategy was restricted on health teaching that was conducted by our Barangay Health Workers and organized by our Nurse. For the health teaching, we provided flip charts and health teaching guide manuals for our Barangay Health Workers to properly relay the information. We were also able to provide infomercials about the importance of having toilet facility for the safety of their community and for their own

Health teaching was done by sector and with safety precaution like social distancing and using face mask. Daily reminder for our BHWs to disinfect and sanitized was also done. With that, we would like to give gratitude and credits to our BHWs and Nurse for continuing our health teaching even we are not with them as of the moment.







Due to the COVID-19 in the country,  the group weren’t able to have our  5th community exposure. For it, the school decided to move it into online platform. The community were able to implement activities while observing the covid-19 protocols. It was attained by way of us (the group) guiding our barangay health workers (BHW) in the community to implement some of our planned actives.

Firstly, the department of agriculture together with Barangay Health Station were able to vaccinate 65 dogs and cats in the barangay for this year. During the said activity, the Barangay Health Station were able to have a list of participants for this years vaccination and pet owners were given pet cards which served as a personal record for their pets. These pet cards were also distributed in the different houses in the different sectors of the barangay. 

Secondly, the group also focused on awareness campaigns about responsible pet ownership and rabies. Our BHW posted tarpaulins in the Barangay Hall, barangay health station, and in the the community elementary school. The BHW distributed pamphlets with topics about rabies and the relation of house pets and covid 19 (together with petcards) in the different sectors in the community. BHWs also conducted health education to the heads of household in the different sectors.


Lastly, the group (medical students) created an infomercial that was posted in our facebook page to further extend the campaign to the social media platform.

The implementation of activities were limited because of the pandemic but it would not be possible without the help and participation of the government officials, barangay key persons and officials, barangay health station staff, and the entire community.



Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials including pamphlets, posters, and video infomercials were turned over to the Motibot Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) as part of the information dissemination campaign that targets to educate the public about the importance of Solid Waste Management (SWM) despite these trying times. Posters are displayed on key locations such as the Motibot barangay hall and on each of the seven (7) Material Recovery Facilities in the barangay. 

Materials for the building of the collection facility for the “Shoot that Bottle” campaign were also given. The said project is geared towards promoting collection of PET bottles that can be sold and be a source of income that can be used to fund projects that will benefit the whole community.



 Last April 22, 2021, IEC materials for our various projects have been turned over to the Motibot BHWs and this includes the poster and video infomercial for the TB Awareness Campaign. Team Motibot strongly emphasizes the importance of Health Education to prevent the spread of TB in the barangay.

The poster contains information about TB especially in the time of CoVid-19 and is now posted at the Barangay Health Station.

Last April 26, 2021, the BHWs of Motibot have conducted health teaching in various districts. TB posters were also used in their health teaching.

So far, there are NO reported active cases in the barangay, and previous TB patients have completed their treatments, and there are no reported relapse cases among them. We continue to campaign to provide accurate and complete information about TB especially now that there is a pandemic.